State of the Art Mobile Nuclear Imaging

Full-featured, Flexible Design to Meet Challenging Demands

The MaiCam 180 Dual Head Portable Cardiac Camera delivers outstanding image quality and increased patient comfort with a compact, open design.

The MaiCam 180 Advantage:

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Why the Maicam 180?

Compact Design

The Maicam 180 edge starts with its compact design allowing for optimal maneuverability and set up. At only 30″x 56″ the Maicam 180 can operate in a room as small as 8′ x 8′ and fit through doorways as narrow as 36″. Don’t let the dimensions fool you, the Maicam 180 can support up to a 500lb patient while maintaining its imaging quality.

Dual-Head Detectors

Developed by industry experts, the inDX detectors feature one ADC per PMT, having unmatched specifications, yet rugged and robust for everyday use. Like lenses of a camera, the design of the collimator greatly determines overall image quality. Our cardiac optimized designs offer the best balance for both technetium and thallium imaging.


The small and open camera design is claustrophobic-free and designed to support patients up to 500 lbs, allowing an increase of patients scans by 20%. Additionally, it’s unique low attenuation carbon fiber upright imaging chair is ideal for a comfortable experience.

Positioning & Performance

The Maicam 180’s upright imaging allows for smaller camera designs with improved image quality and performance. Quick and comfortable patient setup, less patient motion, less attenuation, and less extra-cardiac activity are some of the benefits of the maiCAM-180 system.